Our lives are for the most part untold stories. The accounts of our experience often remain unrecorded on the written page, unvoiced, and kept silent and concealed.  Articulating our stories, however, requires us to find and cultivate our own voice.  As human beings, we need to cultivate both our spoken voice and our written voice. One effective way to develop our voice, I think, is to hear other voices and be witness to other life stories.  By being exposed to others’ narrative accounts, greater understanding may be gained about our own lives, offering us the potential to see ourselves with new eyes and view our experiences with greater clarity.  For these purposes, I encourage you to reflect on your own life experiences and share your stories with others.

In these pages, I suggest simple ways in which you can articulate your own narratives and begin to document your life experiences, based on a course of study I developed at a university that I taught several years ago in Japan.

The Other Fork in The Road


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