My Sketchbook of 2001

DSCN7146Yesterday, I found a sketchbook that I had bought on December 26th, 2001, in Hokkaido, Japan.  During that first year of ever working in Japan, I had flown to Hokkaido for Christmas with four other teachers.  While my friends were skiing the slopes of powder snow, I had wandered the streets by myself and purchased this sketchbook and some art supplies.  Upon opening the sketchbook, these are the sketches I found.  All flowers.

DSCN7152Flowers germinate, grow, blossom, wilt then die.  How long they persist and whether they are ever appreciated during their brief life, is maybe a matter of chance, a stroke of circumstance, the luck of their geography, season and location.  I am intrigued by this process.  Would a flower’s journey mirror our own human life?

DSCN7140In viewing these drawings, I am reminded of a phrase I once read, “The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment.”  Sometimes, it is only our own judgment that decides a certain thing to be so.DSCN7143What do you see your life as a reflection of?


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